A perfect combination of a business
simulation environment with 100% virtual facilitation.

Change is Inevitable. SHIFT is a simulation that focuses on eliminating the 4 main traps, such as Comfort Zone/Fear Zone/Habit Zone and Analysis Paralysis Zone, using 10 globally proven Change Management models.

Empower Teamwork. Virtual Escape Rooms are fun activities, where participants work together to discover clues, put them together and achieve the objective. Successful activity for conventions and/or business meetings.

Don’t Sell, Make Them Buy. exSELLence is a simulation 100% customized to your commercial process. All the exercises and activities that are worked on are those of your company. Take your sales team to another dimension.

Improve your team’s communication. Pixtory is an exciting experiential learning activity, it is much more than an Ice-breaker or a team building activity, where effective communication is the key.

Do you have what it takes to survive in extreme conditions, and what about your team? Prioritization and Negotiation are essential for survival.  Working together will increase your chances. Survival Games will surprise you.

Images help us to express our concerns, feelings, expectations, moods? With Expressive, an interactive activity, many things that the participant carries inside will be put in value.

Communication is more complex than it seems. Replica makes participants truly discover the importance and key skills needed to master the art of flawless communication.

Strategic Vision and Decision Making are indispensable in a Team. Diamonds is a simulation that helps teams to optimize different resources, take risks and develop resilience.

Active listening, resilience, effective communication, and constructive feedback are critical to team development. Unlock is a fascinating activity where these skills are enhanced.